Your Coat Donations – Right on Time

Isn’t it amazing how God works? Knowing what we need just when we need it. Recently *Janet stopped by Union Mission and shared a story about a little boy named *David whom she cares for while his mother works.

Little David desperately needed a coat. His mother gave Janet the small amount of money she had in hopes of finding a real bargain. As Janet and little David set out to find a coat, they searched many places but unfortunately even the coats on clearance were more than they could afford. Disappointed and defeated, they began the trip home.

As they waited for the bus, Janet spotted a Union Mission tent in the distance offering free soup. She pointed it out to little David and explained to him about the mission and how they help others.

David was very excited and curious. He persuaded Janet to take him over to the tent for free soup. They reached the tent and much to their surprise, it was a tent full of coats! David was given a coat that fit perfectly. He was so excited and thankful to have a coat to keep him warm. When he returned home, he ran to his mother and showed her his coat. He then opened her hands and returned the money she had given him. He told her he did not need it because God and the Union Mission had supplied just the coat he needed.

It is a blessing to watch a child experience God’s faithfulness. Just when Janet and little David had lost hope, God stepped in and supplied the need. He may not come exactly when we expect but His timing is always the right timing.

*The story is real, but the names and some distinguishing details have been changed to protect privacy.