Union Mission Stories

No Better Mother's Day Gift
For years, Janet's son Tommy suffered from drug addiction. Janet knew in her heart that without intervention her son, now in his thirties, would probably not live another year. More
Dave’s Story – Soul Food!
I look back over my childhood days and there was not much good in it. My parents were a very mixed-up couple. My father was a gambler and alcoholic but I really don’t remember much about him. More
New Shoes
“It was cold and snowing outside and he didn’t have any shoes ,” says Tracy, a volunteer at Crossroads. It was the second Friday of the month and Tracy’s church was serving at the shelter. While working, she spotted the little boy sitting in the stroller. More
Your Coat Donations – Right on Time
Isn’t it amazing how God works? Knowing what we need just when we need it. Recently *Janet stopped by Union Mission and shared a story about a little boy named *David whom she cares for while his mother works. More
A Volunteer's Transformation
Volunteers come to Union Mission to help others. They often walk away with an experience that transforms their own life. The following is a letter from a student at the University of Charleston. More
110 Ways to Help the Mission
If you have ever wondered how you can help Union Mission, we have a list for you to see. Introducing our 110 Ways to Support Union Mission list. We hope this list will give some ideas of the area with which we need help. More
Union Mission helps Jesse & Kathy when they had no where else to turn
Jesse & Kathy were living a comfortable life. That is, until Jesse suffered a stroke and heart attack and could no longer work. Shortly thereafter, Kathy was diagnosed with a medical condition that left her unable to work. More
Anita finds a new family at Brookside
Originally from Washington, D.C., Anita was in another program when it became clear her needs were not being met, and returning to her home was not an option because of unhealthy relationships with family. More
Bethany Baptist volunteers - They stuff, stamp, and smile
Each month, regular as clockwork, a volunteer group from St. Albans’ Bethany Baptist Church piles in a church van and sets up shop in our mailroom. More